About us

“Testing for STDs should be simpler, cheaper and more anonymous.” With that conviction, Openlab was founded in 2014. Many people prefer not to go to the doctor for an STD test, for example, because they feel embarrassed or because they live in a village where everyone knows each other. Remote diagnostics is a solution for this group.

With our Testalize.me platform, part of Openlab, we make STD testing accessible to consumers. The test is delivered at home, can be administered at home and is then sent to the laboratory in Eindhoven. To that end, we work together with Diagnostiek voor U, one of the leading medical diagnostic centres in the Netherlands. The test result is then shared online and anonymously. Tens of thousands of people order a test every year via Testalize.me.

Openlab focuses on business customers. Entrepreneurs can use our STD tests to serve their own customers, using a white label solution. You can add your own look and feel to the test to reach your target group, we will do the rest. Logistics, IT, diagnostics and compliance: we take care of everything.

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