Openlab supplies reliable STD tests that are analysed in our own laboratory. These analyses are performed by Diagnostiek voor U in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This lab was set up in 1986 as a spin-off of the Philips medical laboratory and is one of the leading medical diagnostic centres in the Netherlands. Diagnostiek voor U is also ISO-15189-accredited and today, the lab performs nearly four million laboratory analyses, more than 60,000 functional examinations, 30,000 ultrasounds and 15,000 X-rays every year.

Laboratorium Hologic Panther

Analyses are performed fully automatically based on the PCR technique on the platform of Hologic. This international company provides groundbreaking technologies, including laboratory diagnostics. Results are authorised by a microbiologist, who is also medically responsible. Because samples are immediately entered and prepared for analysis after receipt, the costs remain low, the margin of error is minimal and consumers receive their results quickly.

Our tests

Openlab tests fall under the so-called ‘medical devices for in-vitro diagnostics’ (IVD). This means that samples from the human body (e.g. blood or urine) are examined outside the body.

Laboratorium track

All Openlab products are compliant with the requirements of IVD Directive 98/79/EC and are CE-certified, meeting the requirements of the European Union. In addition, the functioning of the tests and the technical documentation are recorded in a technical file that is checked by the Inspectorate for Health and Youth Care.

Openlab’s STD tests are approved by Soa Aids Nederland. This foundation conducts extensive research every year into the home tests offered and publishes an overview of reliable providers. To be considered reliable, you must meet their strict quality requirements.

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