STD tests

You can get an STD – a sexually transmitted disease – through unsafe (oral) sex. Examples of STDs are chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV.

An STD test can be used to diagnose whether and what kind of STD someone has. Because STDs often give no complaints, a test is the only way to get certainty. In our laboratory in Eindhoven, body material (urine, blood or a smear) is examined for bacteria. Results are authorised by a medical microbiologist and an STD test is positive if bacteria are found.

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There is still a taboo surrounding (having) an STD. People are ashamed to go to the doctor to get tested. Unnecessary, we think, but understandable.

However, people today are a lot more independent than in the past and in many cases, they are more likely to look for reliable alternatives to a GP. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), nearly 80% of the Dutch population searched online for health information in the first half of 2020 and 14% ordered medicines online.

Being able to test for STDs yourself is therefore an ideal solution. This is reliable, anonymous and also cheaper and faster than through a GP. Tests that arrive at our laboratory in Eindhoven are analysed, checked and fed back to the consumer within 48 hours.

Diagnostics in Dutch lab

Our tests are analysed in a Dutch Diagnostiek voor U laboratory. This laboratory is one of the leading medical diagnostic centres in the Netherlands and is also ISO-15189-accredited.

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